Tooth Fillings in Virginia Beach, VA

You can’t keep your family safe from everything, but J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS can help you reduce their exposure to mercury. Our Virginia Beach dentist office uses amalgam-free tooth fillings only, never metal. You can find us right next door to Lubo Wine Tasting Room in the charming Thoroughgood Commons shopping center.

Why do I need a tooth filling?

Not only can a cavity be painful, but it can open your tooth up to infection and weaken its structure. Dr. J. Wesley Anderson, Jr. will remove the decay from your tooth and then fill the space left behind with a tooth-colored composite filling. The filling will strengthen your tooth and keep bacteria out.

What is an amalgam-free filling?

Amalgam fillings are made by combining different metals. Sometimes that combination includes mercury. Due to the rising concern about mercury exposure and the advancements in composite fillings, our dental office offers only composite fillings.

Composite fillings, made by combining plastic and glass, are more biocompatible than amalgam fillings. They deliver the additional benefit of matching the color of your teeth — no more mishmash of metal in your smile!

What if I need more than a filling?

If your tooth decay is more severe, Virginia Beach dentist Dr. Anderson can treat your tooth with a same-day dental crown or dental onlay (partial crown). In more severe cases, he can perform root canal therapy or assist with the dental implant process. Dr. Anderson can guide you through every stage of your oral health care.

Improper home care and a few missed dental cleanings and dental exams can lead to a cavity that needs a filling. We’d rather you call us now for a filling than have to call us later for more extensive — and expensive — restorative dental work. The choice is yours. Reach us at (757) 464-1964 or use our convenient online form.

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