Cosmetic Dentistry in Virginia Beach, VA

It’s hard to appreciate living in paradise when your smile is less than heavenly. Visit Dr. J. Wesley Anderson, Jr. for cosmetic dentistry services for a smile as beautiful as your surroundings. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist office is located in the Thoroughgood Commons shopping center.

Reasons You Might Want Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is right for you if:

  • You’re embarrassed to smile
  • Your teeth are giving away your age
  • You’re ready to do something good for yourself

Through cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Anderson can purge your smile of its imperfections. With a beautiful smile, people can finally see the real you.

End Your Love-Hate Relationship With Your Teeth

Virginia Beach, VA dentist offers you many options that can make you fall in love with the look of your teeth.

If your teeth just need a little touch-up, a quick fix is teeth contouring. Dr. Anderson will reshape your teeth by smoothing out chips, cracks, and any unevenness. For a nice, uniform-looking smile, pair this treatment with crown lengthening, a procedure done with a soft-tissue laser to reveal a bit more tooth and less gums.

Even healthy teeth can dull with age. Let Dr. Anderson give you an ultra-bright smile through professional teeth whitening treatment. We can treat you in-office or send you home with everything you need to get whiter teeth right in your own living room. Our treatments are stronger and give more reliable results than the store-bought whitening products.

If you’re truly committed to getting a movie star smile, Dr. Anderson does beautiful work with veneers. There are two ways for him to completely conceal all the flaws in your teeth permanently. He can apply traditional porcelain veneers over your teeth or use the less invasive, ultra-thin Lumineers veneers.

For patients hesitant to fully invest in their smile, he can do a Snap-On Smile as an affordable alternative to veneers. Your new Snap-On Smile is fitted right over your natural teeth.

If you need more than one of these procedures to fix your smile, we can give you a smile makeover. Dr. Anderson can even partner with an orthodontist to create a treatment plan that addresses your every need.

Choose Composites Over Amalgams For A Mercury-Free Tooth Filling

You want your fillings to strengthen your teeth without exposing you to mercury. That’s why we use amalgam-free composites for all of our tooth fillings. The added benefit of composites is that they blend seamlessly with your natural tooth color.

A dazzling smile is the perfect look for any social engagement. Dr. Anderson has been doing cosmetic dentistry since 1988. He can give you the radiant smile you need to feel confident at all of this season’s most noteworthy events. Call our Virginia Beach, VA dentist office now at (757) 464-1964 or use our convenient online form to make an appointment.

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