About J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS

In Virginia Beach, VA, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dental practice that cares about their patients and their patients’ families more than J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS. Every decision we make is made with our patients in mind because our patients and their happiness with their smile is our number one priority.

What makes a great dental practice? Of course, excellent dental practices can make for an excellent dental practice, but there are also other things that can contribute to a dental practice being above the rest. We think three of the things that can do that are having a great staff, superior technology, and a comfortable office. Without these essentials, there will still be something missing from a dental practice that has great dental services. At J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS, we make sure that all aspects of our practice are in order so that you can have a pleasant experience!

Outstandingly Experienced Staff

Something that people often overlook about a dental practice is “how experienced and hospitable is their staff?” Dr. Anderson hired a team who knew what they were doing when it comes to carrying out dental services – and he made sure they were capable of doing it hospitably.

Superior Technology

Something else we made sure to do was to supply our office with technology that is second-to-none. Having superior technology is important to us because we think that, as a patient, you deserve nothing but the best when it comes to being treated for your dental problems. Things like our CEREC crown machine will ensure that you are getting accurate, beautiful results. Using CEREC, we can prepare your tooth, fabricate a crown, and place a dental crown all in ONE visit.

Having Dental Work Done In Comfort

It doesn’t matter how amazing the dental services are at a dental practice if the office isn’t comfortable. If the office isn’t comfortable and you’re not comfortable in it, it’s hard to relax during your appointments. At J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS, we assure you that every aspect of our office is made to keep you comfortable. On top of that, our dental team is trained in the most advanced and pain-free treatments. We are a guilt-free and lecture-free office, and you’ll be relieved to know that we use minimally invasive procedures!

If you want to find out about us in person, call J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS at (757) 464-1964 or use our online form.

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