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Skipping brushings. Teeth grinding. Drinking red wine and coffee. Chipped teeth. Life happens, but your smile doesn’t have to show it. Dr. J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS can use dental veneers to give your smile a fresh start at our Virginia Beach dentist office.

Well, the biggest option we have is of a cosmetic porcelain veneer. It’s absolutely the best cosmetic way to improve a smile. We have direct bonding, using our composite resins. They work very well, they’re very nice. They’re reparable, but they don’t last as long. They stain up a lot more, whereas porcelain has an appearance much more like enamel, much more life-like. It’s stronger, it lasts better, there’s a better response to the surrounding gums. There are techniques that make it a little more difficult to do, but we try to make that as easy on the patient.

We try to make it look easy. Especially prefer to do a type of porcelain veneer call lumineers. They are a minimally invasive veneer. What that means is that you reduce the tooth structure minimally, as opposed to the traditional way of really cutting the tooth structure down. There’s many reasons that this is better, in my opinion. Certainly from a patient’s standpoint, there’s considerably less sensitivity that is involved. From my standpoint, the bonds are much better to the enamel layer, as opposed to that sensitive layer. We don’t have to numb the patient. It can do so many different things. It’s not orthodontics, but it can make teeth appear to be much more straight. It can take care of major chips, it can take care of rotations and imperfections in a smile. We try to make them give our patients that million dollar smile, give them that Hollywood smile. This is a way that we can enhance their lives, change their lives, and make it in a way that’s not that difficult on the patient itself.

What are veneers?

You’ve probably seen someone who you thought had a naturally perfect smile, but actually, they may have had veneers. Our highly trained Virginia Beach dentist, Dr. Anderson, can apply a thin layer of porcelain over your natural teeth to conceal any gaps, stains, chips, cracks, or misshapen teeth.

A porcelain veneer is a customized piece of porcelain that fits individually over a tooth. It’s strictly cosmetic. It’s very fragile by itself, but when it’s bonded to the tooth, extremely strong. There are very few patients that this is not a good procedure for, however, patients who have worn their teeth down, there are other cosmetic options, but for the average everyday person who want to have that Hollywood smile, they want that million dollar smile, we can do that in two to three visits.

The reaction patients get is basically “wow.” I’ve had, as corny as it sounds, I’ve had patients tear up. I’ve had patients hug me. It’s very rewarding to us to change people’s appearance, and it’s one of our favorite things to do.

What kind of veneers do you offer?

We offer traditional porcelain veneers and Lumineers. Each option requires a considerable level of skill to ensure beautiful, natural-looking results.

For traditional porcelain veneers, the front of your teeth will be prepped, and a layer of porcelain will be applied. Lumineers, which are as thin as a contact lens, require less preparation and can last for more than 20 years.

With either option, Virginia Beach dentist Dr. J. Wesley Anderson, Jr. will get you the flawless smile you want.

How do I care for veneers?

Caring for dental veneers is simple. You’ll still visit our Virginia Beach dentist office for your regular dental cleanings and dental exams, and at home you’ll continue to brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily.

There are a couple of other ways to care for your mouth when you have dental veneers. If you choose to treat only your top row of teeth with veneers, we can whiten your lower row of teeth to match. If you grind or clench your teeth in your sleep or while working out, we can fit you with a custom-made mouthguard to protect your new smile.

Keeping up appearances is easy with dental veneers. Schedule a consultation today with J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS, voted Coastal Virginia Magazine’s “Top Dentist” by his peers two years in a row. Reach us at (757) 464-1964 or by using our convenient online form.

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