Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges in Virginia Beach, VA

Replace or repair a tooth quickly with dental crowns & dental bridges at our Virginia Beach, VA dentist office. J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS has outfitted our office with the latest technology, so we’re able to get you in and out the door with a dental crown in as little as two hours. Visit us for fast but high-quality service.

A crown is for an individual tooth. A bridge is multiple crowns connected, where we are using it to replace a missing tooth. There are different types of crowns that can be done, made with different types of materials. I take it individually as to where that tooth is, what is around it, what is the individual’s needs, what are their habits. We can make crowns. A traditional crown, lab-fabricated crown, would be a porcelain fused to metal. Very strong, but yet looks very good. We have all ceramic restorations that are lab fabricated. Some are made from zirconia. Very, very strong, yet look very good.

We also have the ability to do what’s called a CEREC crown, which can be a same-day crown, where we reshape the tooth, we take digital impressions that go onto a computer. We design the crown on the computer, and it actually mills that crown in the same day in about 20 minutes. That crown can be delivered at that time. These are non-metal crowns, that’s why we don’t have the two weeks worth of waiting. We don’t have the temporary crowns that have to be made while a lab is making those crowns.

How does CEREC technology make it possible to make dental crowns fast?

We get it. As lovely as our dental office is with its cathedral ceiling and friendly staff, you’ve got other places to be. That’s why Dr. J. Wesley Anderson, Jr. can do it all in one visit with CEREC technology.

He preps your tooth, takes a virtual impression of your mouth, and then uses a special mill to shape your dental crown while you watch. He’ll get your tooth or your dental implant fitted with your dental crown and have you on your way.

What if I don’t like the look of metal dental crowns?

For our dental crowns, we’ve selected materials that will blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. With our CEREC technology, Virginia Beach, VA dentist offer different dental crown materials in:

  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • All-ceramic
  • Beautiful, durable e.max

How do dental crowns protect damaged teeth?

Even with the best home dental care and regular checkups, your tooth can experience decay or damage. If caught early, that minor decay or damage can often be fixed with a tooth filling. Otherwise, we can use a dental crown:

  • As armor around a tooth that’s been weakened by a cavity
  • Restore the look of a tooth after a root canal
  • Fix a tooth you fractured
  • Hide an eyesore tooth

What are dental bridges?

Dental crowns are an affordable way to replace or repair one or more teeth. If you need a row of dental crowns to replace teeth, we call that a dental bridge. A dental bridge uses your natural teeth for a strong, secure hold you can rely on when enjoying all of your favorite foods.

Dental bridges are likely to last at least five years. If you’re looking for a longer-lasting replacement for your missing teeth, we recommend dental implants.

Aging gracefully isn’t possible with damaged or missing teeth. Keep up appearances and get a dental crown or dental bridge by skilled Virginia Beach, VA dentist Dr. Anderson! Call us today at (757) 464-1964 or use our convenient online form.

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