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New Patients At J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS

The patients that own their problems and understand that we’re there to help them take care of either a minor problem or major problem are the ones that I enjoy the most. The ones that don’t take things for granted. The ones that realize that we are there for them, and there’s a lot more than just going to get your teeth cleaned. We love the patients that don’t have needs. That they’re healthy, that they come in, It can be somewhat social. Those are great patients. The patients that, again the ones that own their problems and realize that we’re doing the best we can to make their lives better, to change their lives in some cases. The more severe their needs, the more rewarding it is and we do get a lot of rewards at that respect.

At J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS, we focus on the individual and work with every patient to achieve their oral health goals. Our wonderful dental team can help you plan out every phase of your treatment. We never lecture our patients and always make them feel at home with our private operatories and advanced technology.

If you’re searching for a dentist who can handle dental treatments for the entire family, call our Virginia Beach, VA office today at (757) 464-1964, or schedule your visit using our convenient online contact form.

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