The Truth About Teeth Whitening

  • April 17, 2016

The Truth About Teeth Whitening

If the numbers are to be believed around 60 percent of us want to do something about the looks of our teeth. Of that 60 percent nearly half just want a whiter smile – seems simple enough, right? Not always, and you know that if you’ve ever tried whitening your teeth in the past.

Teeth whitening using over-the-counter kits is a gamble at best, and the odds of getting the results you want aren’t much better than those you’d have in a casino. There are some fundamental problems with teeth whitening that commercial kits simply can’t address. Our Virginia Beach dental team has been whitening smiles for years, and today we want to tell you how to really get the results you want.

What’s In Your Whitening Gel?

If you’ve spent much time thinking about whitening your teeth then you know what gets results: hydrogen peroxide. Good ol’ H2O2 is great at scrubbing stains away from your teeth as it breaks down into oxygen and water. The scrubbing effect it creates can do some really amazing things when done correctly!

There’s just one big problem: hydrogen peroxide is really unstable! Sun exposure, heat, and even sitting on the shelf can cause it to break down prematurely, leaving you without much active ingredient. To combat this many commercial whitening kits have switched to carbamide peroxide, and it’s just not as good at getting results.

Carbamide peroxide is simply hydrogen peroxide with urea added to it. In order to whiten teeth it has to first break down into hydrogen peroxide and then oxygen and water. This extra step actually leads to less active ingredient, longer whitening times, and inferior results.

A Precise Fit = Good Results

Most every whitening solution available consists of a gel and a tray that you wear in your mouth. This basic design works, but not if it isn’t precision fit to your mouth. Remember how we said that hydrogen peroxide is sensitive? It’s so delicate that it even reacts to the saliva in your mouth!

When you use an over-the-counter whitening tray you’re basically getting a “one size fits all” kit. Those kits don’t seal the whitening gel into your tray, and that means saliva is getting in and ruining the whitening gel. Spotty results, faded spots, or complete whitening failure is common in these cases.

To get results from a tray-and-gel whitening system you need a tray that’s custom built to fit in your mouth. Custom trays are designed to seal your teeth and whitening solution off from the rest of your mouth so that saliva can’t get in the mix and ruin it. Without a seal you’re simply not going to get the results you’re hoping for.

You Can’t Customize An Over-The-Counter Kit

Good teeth whitening is all about precision. You need tight fitting trays, fresh gels, and a treatment plan that’s tailored for your individual needs. When you buy an over-the-counter whitening kit you’re getting a particular strength gel that’s really only going to get results for some people. If your teeth are too stained then that weak gel isn’t going to do the trick!

Most commercial kits contain a solution that’s somewhere around 15 percent carbamide peroxide, which works out to about 5 percent hydrogen peroxide. Professional whitening, like the kind offered at the office of J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS, comes in a variety of strengths. When we determine what’s best for you we customize your whitening to get results as unique as your smile.

Proper whitening simply can’t be done without a properly prescribed treatment – your teeth simply aren’t the same as the next person to buy a similar kit, so why would the results be the same?

Getting The Results You Want

When you come to our Virginia Beach office to get your teeth whitened you’re getting a professional experience that gets results based on YOUR needs. We offer both in-office and at-home whitening solutions that can be customized based on the current shade of your teeth and the end result that you want. Paired with trays that are designed to match your mouth you’ll have real results that will truly amaze you.

Don’t spend money gambling on imperfect teeth whitening solutions – let us get you the results you want when you want them: right now! You can schedule an appointment at our office by calling 757-932-6856 or you can request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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