Living Your Life With Missing Teeth

  • March 23, 2016

Living Your Life With Missing Teeth

It doesn’t matter how you lose your teeth – you could have kept up with the cleanliness of your teeth perfectly, but if your teeth are lost in some manner other than poor oral health, people will still look at you in the same way. They will view your smile as unhealthy because you are missing teeth.

Living with gaps in your smile will cause people here in Virginia Beach and elsewhere to jump to conclusions about what happened to your teeth. Most people will be too polite to ask why your teeth are missing and will just assume that you lost your teeth simply because you didn’t care.

How Your Social And Professional Life Will Be Affected By Missing Teeth

When you greet someone, oftentimes the first thing they notice about you is your smile. If your smile isn’t in tip-top shape, people will begin to wonder how it came to be that way. It doesn’t even have to go as far as having missing teeth, either. If you have yellow teeth, people will notice and start to assume things about your personality that may not necessarily be true. They will think things about you like, “They are dirty,” “I bet their breath smells,” “They would be a lot better looking if it wasn’t for their teeth,” or just “Eww!”

Those thoughts are just a result of having yellow teeth! Now imagine what people assume about you if you have one tooth or several teeth that are missing. You may think to yourself, “I don’t care what other people think about me.” It may be all right to think that way sometimes, but the fact is that opportunities that can improve your life may fall by the wayside because people pass on you, assuming things about your personality based solely off your dysfunctional smile.

The main things you could miss out on when you have a less-than-stellar smile are social and professional opportunities. Especially when it comes to professional opportunities, you could be slighted because your smile doesn’t look the way that it could or even should. For example, if you interview for a job and you and another candidate have similar credentials, the employer will more than likely go with the other candidate if they have a normal smile. After all, studies show that people with better smiles are viewed as friendlier, more attractive, and even more intelligent.

When it comes to social interactions, you may also be judged by people because of your missing teeth. Some people will avoid talking to you just because your smile is unattractive. You may think, “Well, that’s their loss.” But in reality, it could very well be your loss because you could be losing out on a potential friend, a good coworker, or even a romantic relationship.

How We Will Healthily Replace Your Teeth

At J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS, we want to see you have a beautiful smile! We know how other patients like you have missed out on social and professional opportunities because their teeth weren’t up to par before coming here. That is why we offer several tooth replacement options that will keep your smile looking wonderful and feeling amazing. These options include dental implant restorations, All-on-4 dental implant restorations, dental bridges, and dentures.

While all of our tooth replacement options will give you a beautiful smile, only two will protect you against losing precious gum tissue and bone in your jaw. Those two choices are traditional dental implants and All-on-4 dental implants. These type of dental implants are different from each other based on a different number of implants in your jaw and the type of restoration they use – All-on-Four uses only four implants attached to a full set of replacement teeth, while traditional implants use one implant and crown restoration per missing tooth.

However, they both accomplish the most important aspect of dental implants, which is to replace the roots of your teeth that were lost. Replacing the tooth roots ensures that your gum tissue and bone in your jaw doesn’t deteriorate. Not only will your smile be attractive and functional, but you’ll avoid the premature aging that accompanies bone and tooth loss.

All It Takes Is Coming Into J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS

If you are worried about suffering from the social and professional pitfalls that go along with missing teeth, your best plan of action is to make an appointment with Dr. Anderson! By calling our office at 757-932-6856, we can make a plan to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile! You’ll never regret the money you spend to improve your smile.

You should never have to live your life with missing teeth, and we want to help you with that at J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS.

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