Late Summer Preventive Dental Tips

  • July 15, 2017

You can’t beat summertime in Virginia Beach, VA. What a great place to live! In every direction you look, there’s no shortage of live bands, special brews, cookouts, water activities, and more. While we truly hope you have plenty more reasons to smile the rest of this fun season, we don’t want you to have so much fun that you forget about your ongoing oral health needs! That’s why Dr. Anderson has put together some tips for keeping your mouth clean and your smile looking great. Please read on, and then be sure to follow up with our team to schedule your next preventive dentistry visit with us!

Say No To Sugar

We know that a cold fountain soda or sugary snack (especially a tasty treat from Gilly’s Creamery) can be appealing in the summer, when you are running around, hanging by the ocean, or just relaxing in the shade. Here’s the thing: these kind of choices won’t be good for you because all that sugar will only feed the oral bacteria that causes cavities. If you don’t want to get dental fillings when autumn rolls around, be mindful of your sugar intake now!

Say Yes To Water

Drinking lots of water is a great idea in the summer months, and it can help keep your breath fresh by allowing you to produce enough saliva to eradicate the bad-breath-causing bacteria. Locating a water source with fluoride is better yet!

Brush, Brush, Brush

Even if you are in vacation mode, you should still be brushing your teeth for 2 minutes or more, at least twice each day. This will keep cavities and gum disease on the run, and it will leave your mouth feeling nice and clean.

Follow Up With Floss

Your toothbrush won’t be able to get all the plaque and tartar that remains between your teeth and in other hard to see areas. That’s why dental floss must be used too.

Rinse With Fluoride

A fluoride mouthwash can bring you some added oral health benefits. Be sure to check the labels for age-appropriateness, if you have kids in the house.

Visit Dr. Anderson

We are here to be your partner in oral health. Through our professional teeth cleanings we can eradicate any lingering bacteria, tartar, or plaque that is there to cause trouble. Additionally, our complete oral exams will give you a clearer picture of what is going on in your mouth at any given time. Early detection and treatment is always the easier route. Also, we can offer additional preventive treatments! For example, we can provide fluoride treatments and dental sealants for patients of all ages.

Let Us Save Your Summer Smile!

We hope that today’s post has been helpful. Remember, steering clear of sugary snacks, drinking all the water you can, brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing regularly, rinsing with fluoride, and visiting our Virginia Beach dentist’s office will keep your smile looking great all summer and beyond. Contact us now to learn more and get started!

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