How Sarah Regained Her Smile

  • June 17, 2016

How Sarah Regained Her Smile

Welcome back to the ongoing dental blog of J. Welsey Anderson, Jr., DDS. Today, we would love to tell you a story about a patient of ours, Sarah. Sarah needed a new smile and our Virginia Beach, VA dental team was there to help! If you are in a situation where you need dental care (even extensive tooth replacement), we can help you too!

Let’s tell you about Sarah, her problem, and how we were able to help her. Read all the way to the end for a surprise twist

Meet Sarah

Sarah has been a patient of our for almost 5 years now. But before she was a patient, she was a recently-retired woman who had spent years putting off dental care due to her financial situation. Sarah had grandkids and was still very involved her community and with her family. She knew her smile was suffering and she wanted to make sure she had a functional, attractive smile for the rest of her life. That’s why she sought out help from our team.

The Consequences Of Putting Off Dental Care

Because Sarah had postponed getting the dental care she needed, she came into our office with many problems. She had experienced widespread dental decay and even a bit of gum disease. Fortunately, we were able to clear up her gum disease, but the decay was a larger issue. Many of her teeth could not be saved and would need to be extracted.

It was time to start thinking about tooth replacement options. Because the decay was so widespread, we began looking at full-mouth solutions for Sarah. When you need a full-mouth solution, you generally have two options: removable dentures or dental implants. Sarah did not like the idea of undergoing additional surgery or spending the larger amount of money that dental implants require, so she chose dentures. Removable dentures work great for many people and are a cost-effective, attractive tooth replacement solution.

Getting Her Dentures

When we had all of the details worked out, we helped Sarah get the extractions she needed and started working on her dentures. Our team is able to craft realistic, strong restorations that look natural in the mouth. We were able to create a set of dentures for Sarah that mimicked the appearance of her natural smile. She loved the way her new teeth actually improved the appearance of her smile. And she was healthy, too!

Stay Tuned For Part 2

Sarah loved the way she looked with her new removable dentures right away, but using them to eat took some getting used to. Sarah struggled with this. She knew that dentures take a period of adjustment, but she was not progressing like she had hoped. She was having trouble enjoying her meals and eating the foods she loved. She had trouble keeping them in place when she talked sometimes. She even had some discomfort. Discouraged, she contacting our team again.

In our next post, we are going to continue Sarah’s story. Our team works hard to help our patients feel 100 percent satisfied with their solutions … Sarah still needed our help! We were determined to find a solution that worked for her. Check back in with us next time to find out if Sarah gets her happy ending.

Make An Appointment

Are you, like Sarah, suffering and need our dental expertise? Please feel free to reach out to our team. We would be happy to help you schedule an appointment. You can reach our Virginia Beach, VA dental office by calling 757-932-6856. You can also request an appointment using our online form. Either way, we can help you find a date and time that is convenient for you.

Do not let your life go by without getting the dental care you need. Do not wait so long that you have to have all of your teeth replaced like Sarah! But if you do, we can still help you. We offer a solution for every situation. We look forward to working with you.

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