How Sarah Regained Her Smile — Part 2

  • June 25, 2016

How Sarah Regained Her Smile — Part 2

Welcome back to the ongoing dental blog of J. Welsey Anderson, Jr., DDS. Today, we would like to continue our story from last time about Sarah, the retiree who needed a new smile. Let’s talk about what happened in the first part of the story, how we aimed to resolve the problem, and the result of Sarah’s treatment.

Recap From Last Time

When you last heard about Sarah, she was suffering through life trying to get used to her new removable dentures. She had spent many years avoiding dental care because she could not afford it, and came into our office with extensive tooth decay. We helped her get the extraction she needed and set her up with the replacement solution of her choice: removable dentures.

Living With Removable Dentures

But Sarah did not like her removable dentures. She had chosen them to avoid surgery and save some money, but they just were not working for her. She was having difficulty enjoying her meals and eating the foods she loved. She was having trouble keeping her dentures in placed when she talked or laughed. She even had some discomfort. While Sarah knew that dentures took some time to adjust to, she just was not getting the results she wanted.

Seeking Help

After experiencing this disappointment with her new smile, Sarah did the right thing and contacted our team again. We scheduled an appointment for her to discuss what was going on. When she visiting our office, she told us all about the trouble she has been having and asked us what we could do to solve her problems. That’s when we once again offered her dental implants.

Sarah still did not love the idea of spending more money and having surgery. However, she agreed to consider the idea. After a few weeks of deliberating, Sarah came to us and told us that she had decided that she would, in fact, like to go the dental implant route. Great! We were happy to help Sarah get started on a tooth replacement solution that we knew would solve the problems she’d be having.

Getting Dental Implants

We set Sarah up with a trusted surgeon to have her implants placed. Our office took care of the restoration. When all was said and done, Sarah had a beautiful set of replacement teeth that were now anchored into her mouth using dental implants. After a little bit of recovery from the surgery, Sarah was able to enjoy her new smile right away.

Sarah’s Happy Ending

Once she had her dental implants, Sarah was able to:

  • Eat the foods she loved
  • Feel secure in her smile
  • Avoid the discomfort associated with shifting dentures
  • Feel great about the way she looked
  • Feel confident that her smile would function like it should

For Sarah, dental implants were the way to go. We were happy to help her find a solution that fit her needs and helped her live the most fulfilling life possible.

Make An Appointment

By now you probably realize that Sarah is a fictional character. However, her story is true. We regularly work with patients just like Sarah … patients who may, at first, be looking for the cost effective solution but in reality want and need the stability and authenticity of dental implants. We help patients get the smile they truly desire by finding the right solution for them. If you are looking at tooth replacement solutions, we help you find the right solution for you, too.

Removable dentures are not for everyone. Dental implants are not for everyone. Our goal is to help you find the tooth replacement option that best suits your specific situation. Please give us a call if you want to experience the same kind of happy ending as Sarah, please give our team a call. We would be delighted to help you get the beautiful, functional smile you deserve.

You can reach our Virginia Beach, VA dental office by calling 757-932-6856. You can also request an appointment using our online form. Either way, we can help you find a date and time that is convenient for you. We look forward to working with you.

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