Get Your Whitest Smile Today!

  • November 1, 2016

Get Your Whitest Smile Today!

Are you like the tens of millions of other people who are disappointed in the whiteness of their teeth? If so, don’t despair about having a smile that you love to show off. J. Wesley Anderson Jr., DDS, Virginia Beach, VA, has good news about your smile!

Why Teeth Might Need Whitening

Teeth can stain or discolor for a number of reasons. Certain foods and drink, such as red wine, coffee, and tea, can stain your teeth. So can smoking and using other forms of tobacco. Teeth naturally dull with aging, so whitening can be an even greater problem for older people. Finally, there are some medications than can affect the whiteness of your teeth and some health conditions that can also create problems.

The Problem with Over-the-Counter Whitening Treatments

A great many people in this country are preoccupied with having white teeth. The reasons may be personal or professional, but the fact is that white teeth can have a tremendous impact on your social and personal success.

The manufacturers of dental care products have certainly taken notice of this modern preoccupation. You can hardly turn on the television without seeing yet another ad for the latest-and-greatest whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, or strips. Clearly, white teeth are in high demand. And yet, people keep switching from one whitening brand to another looking for something that will give them the results they want.

That’s great for the toothpaste manufacturers, but not such good new for dental patients. Over-the-counter whitening toothpastes can contain abrasives. Basically, instead of bleaching away stains, the abrasives in those toothpastes scrub them away. That sounds okay until you realize that scrubbing away stains takes small amounts of enamel, too. Over time, using abrasive toothpastes can weaken the vital enamel that forms and protects your teeth.

Weakened enamel is less able to resist decay-causing bacteria, and we have plenty of them in our mouths. Severely weakened enamel is more likely to chip or fracture which can provide immediate entry to those decay bacteria.

Over-the-counter whitening programs typically contain less of the whitening agent than the professional whitening programs. So, not only might you be weakening your teeth, you may well not get the shade of white you want. That can easily lead to whitening more often or longer than recommended, which can further weaken your enamel.

Over-the-counter whitening programs aren’t your best bet for whiter or even healthy teeth.

The Professional Whitening Advantage

Wesley Anderson Jr., DDS, offers two forms of professional whitening treatment that will give you the results you want. Our chairside teeth whitening program can whiten your teeth in just one hour while you relax in one of our modern, upscale, and spacious rooms.

Or, you can choose an at-home whitening program to use in the comfort of your own living room. We’ll provide whitening trays that are designed to fit your mouth perfectly and maximize your teeth’s exposure to our professional whitening gel. Regardless of which professional  At the end of either treatment, your teeth whiten can be 8-10 shades whiter!

Just as important, you can have the whiter smile you want safely, without damaging your teeth and creating further problems, for anywhere from six months to two years. How long whitening treatments last depend in part on your diet and how well you care for your teeth. When you become a patient of Dr. Anderson, we’ll be able to suggest when it’s time for another teeth whitening treatment during your regular dental cleanings and dental exams.

When Whitening Isn’t Enough

Dr. Anderson also offer a wide array of cosmetic dentistry services that can absolutely transform your smile. If you’re unsure whether whitening treatments will give you the results you want, contact our practice at 757-932-6856 to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Why Wait Any Longer?

Forget the pricey over-the-counter teeth whitening programs that continue to disappoint with their inferior results. People who live in the Virginia Beach, VA area don’t have to live with stained, discolored, or dingy teeth any longer. Get a smile that you’ll love to show off! Schedule your professional teeth whitening treatment today. Call the dental practice of J. Wesley Anderson Jr., DDS at 757-932-6856.

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