Five Reasons You’ll Love Dental Implants

  • April 25, 2016

Five Reasons You’ll Love Dental Implants


Tooth loss is a terrifying thing to face. Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a single tooth, are tired of partial dentures, or want a full mouth solution you might be wondering what you can do to change your life. The answer is right here in Virginia Beach: dental implants.

Implants are small titanium screws that act just like the root of a tooth. We can use them to replace a single missing tooth, a partial denture, and even a complete denture. Getting dental implants is a truly life changing experience, and to help you understand just what they’re capable of we want to talk about five reasons you’ll absolutely love them.

#1: Eat Easier

When is the last time you’ve truly enjoyed a meal? If you’re missing a lot of teeth or wear dentures the answer is probably obvious: it’s been a while! Now imagine being able to bite down on your favorite foods again: you’d probably be willing to do a lot to get that life back!

Dental implants are the perfect way to get your bite back. All On Four dental implants can actually restore almost 100 percent of the bite for you had before you lost teeth. You’ll be eating your favorite meals again, and all with an ease you haven’t experienced in years.

#2: Smile More Confidently

Tooth loss and dentures both take a toll on your confidence. When you’re missing teeth you don’t want to smile, and when you’re wearing dentures it’s not very easy to do naturally! Dentures simply don’t stay put when you speak or smile, do they?

When you get dental implants you’ll be getting a new tooth, or set of teeth, that’s just as stable as the real deal. You’ll never have to worry about a laugh, smile, or conversation being a source of anxiety or worry again – all people will notice is your wonderful, natural looking smile.

#3: Live Healthier

Study after study suggest something which we already knew: denture wearers have a shorter life expectancy than people with natural teeth. The reason isn’t because of the tooth loss specifically, but what it does to your ability to live a healthy life.

Patients without teeth, and with dentures, tend to get far less essential nutrients than those with permanent teeth. Many denture patients end up suffering from malnutrition, but by adding dental implants to your life you can completely eliminate that worry.

Implants restore a strong, permanent smile that allows you to eat better and live healthier. Just another reason they’re great!

#4: Care Is Simpler

How much denture-related junk is there on your bathroom counter right now? If you’re like most denture wearers there’s probably quite a lot! Cups for soaking, tablets for cleaning, special brushes … you name it! Dental implants eliminate that junk in favor of one tool: a toothbrush.

You’ll be able to brush normally with dental implants – no extra hassle needed. Imagine being able to get up in the morning with a bright smile and then simply brush instead of putting in dentures. That future could be yours if you trade up for dental implants!

#5: Life Is Simply Better

Living with dental implants will truly change your life, and it will all be for the better. Implants are as tough as real teeth, just as permanent, and they look just as good. If you can think of something you’ve wanted to change about your dentures, your uneven smile, an old bridge, or a failing crown then you owe it to yourself to consider implants.

We’re confident that we can craft a custom solution that will perfectly suit your unique needs, and we’re also confident that you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Don’t Spend Another Day Living With Discomfort

With just a single dental implant consultation you can be well on your way to knowing what the future of your smile holds. We’ll use state-of-the-art imaging technology to determine just what you need to get the perfect look, and we’ll have a treatment plan in your hands in just about an hour.

If you’re ready to find out what we can do to truly transform your life then don’t wait another day living with the discomfort and embarrassment of lost teeth or old dentures: call the office of Dr. J. Wesley Anderson, DDS., today!

You can reach us at 757-932-6856 or you can request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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