Do Same-day Crowns Fit Your Smile? {QUIZ}

  • November 26, 2016

Do Same-day Crowns Fit Your Smile? {QUIZ}

There are millions of people out there walking around with dental crowns. Dentists have used crowns for hundreds of years, and the technology has improved dramatically.

We use dental crowns to repair damaged teeth, teeth with larged cavities, or teeth that have had root canals. The earliest crowns were made from hard metals, but now we use state-of-the-art ceramic material to naturally fit the crown to your smile. After a few weeks of having the crown, patients sometimes have a hard time telling the difference between the crown and their natural teeth.

While crowns are versatile, it’s important you understand how the crowns function and the different type of crowns available to who.

Take our quiz below to learn more about our crown services, including same-day same-day dental crowns.

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