6 Tips To Help Your Child Build Great Dental Habits

  • July 25, 2016

6 Tips To Help Your Child Build Great Dental Habits

Welcome back to another blog from your friends at the office of J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS. Are you having trouble getting your kids interested in their oral health? We can offer you a few simple tips to help them build great habits! Helping your child understand the importance of dental care can make a huge difference in their entire life. Set your child up for smile success by getting her involved now!

Please feel free to contact our Virginia Beach, VA dental if you have any questions or need additional advice about dental health care for your child. Here are six great tips on helping your child build great dental habits:

Tip #1: Start Off Early

It is important to begin talking to your child about dental health as early as possible … and to get them actively taking care of their smile! As soon as your child has teeth, they should be taught about brushing, flossing, and general dental health care. By stressing this information early, you are setting your child on the path to great dental health for you.

However, if your child is older and still does not understand the importance of good oral health, don’t worry! It is never too late. We recommend implementing some of the other ideas in this blog post to get your older child interested in taking care of their smile.

Tip #2: Be A Great Role Model

Are you being a good role model for your child? The easiest way to show them what good dental health looks like to stay on top of your own! Be sure you are brushing and flossing as recommended. You can also brush your teeth with your child every night! This will give you some unique bonding time as well as allow you to instruct your child on proper dental hygiene techniques. Your child looks up to you … show them how to take good care of their smile.

Tip #3: Let Them Make Decisions

Sometimes letting your child choose their own dental health care products is the best way to get them involved! There are tons of cool tooth brush designs for kids as well as fun toothpaste flavors. Buy a few different options and let them choose their own OR take them to the store with you! They will love getting to make their own decision and you can relax knowing that they enjoy their new products.

Tip #4: Use These Cool Phone Apps

Do your kids have trouble focusing during brush time? Thanks to modern technology, there are tons of cool phone apps to help your kids stay entertained and involved during their daily dental health routines. Check out these cool apps, all of which are available for both Android and Apple devices.

  • Brush DJ
  • Disney Magic Timer
  • Chomper Chums
  • Aquafresh Brush Time

Tip #5: Reward Good Behavior

Is your child doing well? Reward good behavior by allowing them to stay up an extra 30 minutes at night. By letting your child know that you appreciate their effort and that they are doing a good job, you are showing them that good dental health leads to good things!

Tip #6: Schedule Regular Dental Checkups

Arguably the best thing you can do to ensure great oral health for your child is to schedule regular dental checkups! At these checkups, we can check your child’s mouth for problems of any kind and treat them right away. We can also talk about the importance of home hygiene and discuss proper brushing and floss techniques. We can even offer advice on what to eat for optimal oral health! Regular visits to our office are a great way to keep your child on track for great dental health.

If your family is due for a checkup, please contact our office directly to book your visit. You can reach us by calling 757-932-6856 or by requesting an appointment online. We would be happy to help you find a date and time that works well with your personal schedule. We look forward to working with you and your family!

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