5 Reasons Dental Implants Are Right for Your Missing Teeth

  • October 5, 2016

5 Reasons Dental Implants Are Right for Your Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are an eyesore and can damage your overall health. Quite frankly, the list of problems that can occur from missing teeth is frightening. Not having teeth makes it harder eat the food you love or maintain a healthier diet. Furthermore, when you lose your teeth, your jawbone will recede, a process that changes the shape of your teeth.

There are multiple ways to treat missing teeth, from removable dentures to permanent solutions like dental bridges and dental implants. One thing our office recommends is treating missing teeth with dental implants. We work with an oral surgeon who can place dental implants for single missing teeth or entire arches of missing teeth. The final restorations cannot be removed, and the strength will nearly match the strength of your natural teeth. Here are 5 of biggest reasons we believe dental implants are right for patients struggling with missing teeth.

1. Dental implants restore function.
Function is always our first priority as dentists. Dental implants are made from titanium and naturally fuse to the jawbone. Once the implant has healed, we can restore the implant with a permanent restoration. Dental implants can nearly mimic the function of natural teeth — up to 90 percent. Removable dentures can only give you about the 30 percent of the function you had with your natural teeth. Today dental implants are the strongest solution for replacing missing teeth. Period!

2. Dental implants secure your teeth.
This goes along with function. Not only do dental implants give you about 90 percent of the chewing power of natural teeth, but you can use dental implants to secure dentures. Most denture wearers have problems with their devices sliding around in their mouths while their eat or speak. Dental implants can be placed to secure dentures, giving you more confidence in social situations. You’ll never have to worry about your teeth flying out of your mouth again.

3. Dental implants are high successful. Our oral surgeon can place dental implants with a 95 percent success rate. If you have enough jawbone, dental implant procedures are incredibly successful. The science has evolved quickly in the field, giving us a higher success rate for dental implants than ever before.

4. Dental implants secure the jawbone.
Earlier in this post, I told you that the jawbone will recede once you lose your teeth. Your jaw anchors the teeth. Holding the teeth in place is the chief job of your jawbone. So when the teeth are gone, the jawbone begins to deteriorate. This will reduce the vertical dimension between the chin and nose. Dental implants will stop jawbone recession. This is a big deal because changes in the jawbone make you look older than you are.

5. Dental implants give you better health. Sometimes people only think about how dentists can help their mouths, but great teeth are an important part to having great overall health. In fact, studies show that people living without teeth can cut their lifespan by about 10 years. The reason is simple. Without teeth, you cannot consume healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and nuts. Dental implants can help you eat the food you love again, but also eat the food that is important to keeping your healthy.
Frankly, there are so many more positive things I could say about dental implants. It’s also important to note that most patients with dentures or missing teeth are candidates for dental implants. To undergo a consultation for dental implants, you can call our office today at (757) 932-6856.

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