5 Fun Facts About Dentistry

  • September 29, 2016

5 Fun Facts About Dentistry

Some people may think that dentistry is boring. After all, how cool can brushing and flossing be right? Well, you may be surprised at the world of fun and interesting dental facts out there. We here at the office of J. Wesley Anderson Jr., DDS in Virginia Beach want to share a few of those with you today.

Fun Dental Facts

George Washington’s Wooden Golden Dentures – When you were a kid, you probably heard in some history class that the reason George Washington never smiled for his pictures was because he had lost all of his teeth. Right after that little nugget of info was dropped, your teacher probably told you about his wooden teeth. Well, the teacher got the part about no teeth right but was way off on the wooden dentures part. In fact, Washington’s dentures had no wood in them at all. They were fashioned from other materials, like gold. He actually had four sets of custom dentures made. The base of the dentures was made of gold, lead, and ivory, and the replacement teeth were a mix of human, donkey, and even hippo teeth. These high-end dentures were a far cry from the wooden contraption we were led to believe he wore with embarrassment.

Dental Floss Prison Break – It is hard enough to break out of prison with proper tools, let alone doing it with an item as small and fragile as dental floss, but that is exactly what happened in 1994. At a prison in West Virginia, an inmate was resourceful enough to use dental floss to effect his escape. He purchased dental floss from the commissary and saved it. Once he had all that he thought he would need, he took the time to braid the floss into a rope. When the rope was completed, he used it to scale the outer wall and run to freedom. This is not the recommended use for dental floss; we recommend it every day to remove the plaque and bacteria that cause gingivitis.

One Mouth, 25,000 Teeth – If you know anything about the animal kingdom, you know that the snail is a really small member of it. In fact, the snail is so small that its mouth is roughly the size of the head of a pin. What you did not know is that inside that pinhead-sized mouth resides as many as 25,000 teeth. That’s right – we meant to say 25,000 teeth. Just be grateful that evolution hasn’t made them any bigger, or we might have a real-life B-horror flick on our hands with the snail as the main character.

The Happier Gender – The battle of the sexes has been raging for years. From grade school through adulthood, we have been trying to answer the age-old question of who is better, boys or girls. Well, we are not going to answer that question here, but we are going to show you an area where girls are head and shoulders above boys. That is the area of smiling. On average, females smile about 62 times per day. This blows males out of the water – they smile only about eight times per day.

1,400-Year-Old Tooth Replacement Remedy – What if I told you that one of the world’s most reliable and effective tooth replacement options actually came out of the Mayan empire? The Mayans were the first known civilization to develop dental implants. Now, their version of the dental implant consisted of seashells and minerals, so they were less than effective. Today’s dental implants are made of titanium and are able to fully bond with dental bone, making them as stable as natural teeth. While our modern technology has improved the idea, the inspiration came straight out of the pages of history.

Learning new and interesting facts is always fun, but having a bright and healthy smile is even better. J. Wesley Anderson Jr., DDS can give you just that. With regular dental care from our dentist, including dental cleanings and exams, and our friendly and inviting staff, your smile will be well taken care of here. Call our Virginia Beach dental office today at 757-932-6856 to schedule your appointment.

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