Back To School Smiles Are Here

Living by the ocean, it is easy to feel like the summer never ends! But now that August has arrived, we have to start thinking about back to school and all that. So, now is the time to get your children’s smile ready! And since we are your trusted source for preventive dentistry in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we can help with that. After all, we make it our mission to keep your mouth clean and your smile looking great all year long! So, keep reading to hear more about what we can do for you, and then be sure to get in touch with any questions or to schedule your back to school checkup. ...


Late Summer Preventive Dental Tips

You can’t beat summertime in Virginia Beach, VA. What a great place to live! In every direction you look, there’s no shortage of live bands, special brews, cookouts, water activities, and more. While we truly hope you have plenty more reasons to smile the rest of this fun season, we don’t want you to have so much fun that you forget about your ongoing oral health needs! That’s why Dr. Anderson has put together some tips for keeping your mouth clean and your smile looking great. Please read on, and then be sure to follow up with our team to schedule your next preventive dentistry visit ...


Have You Considered An Athletic Mouthguard?

Did you know that thousands of people are forced to visit an emergency room every year on account of sports-related dental injuries? True story! Most folks realize that it is a good idea to wear a mouthguard for contact sports like football, not everyone is aware that even non-contact sports like gymnastics, skateboarding, and biking can result in accidents that damage your teeth and alter your life. So, whatever physical activity your son or daughter is involved in, you should probably play it safe by visiting our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office for an athletic mouthguard. Our ...


Mercury-Free Cavity Treatments In Virginia Beach, VA

Here’s some good news: regular dental exams and professional teeth cleanings will go along way toward keeping tooth decay and gum disease out of your life. But if you should ever have to deal with a cavity, Dr. Anderson will be able to restore your health and get you smiling again before you know it. Keep reading to hear more about how our tooth-colored fillings work, then be sure to follow up and schedule your next dental appointment in Virginia Beach! There Are Better Options Now Over the years, cavities have typically been treated with metallic dental fillings. These treatments were so ...


Looking For Nonsurgical Gum Disease Treatment? [VIDEO]

Hello and welcome back to our online home! For today’s post, we wanted to share a video link from the good folks over at the American Dental Association, in which they explain how nonsurgical gum disease treatments work. Please check out the clip below then be sure to contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Anderson. Once we have diagnosed gum disease, we can offer a two-step treatment called scaling and root planing right here in our cozy Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office. During this procedure we will use special tools to carefully get below your gums to remove any plaque, ...


Get Your Dental Implants Questions Answered!

If you are an adult living without a complete set of teeth, we know just how challenging such a state can be. You won’t feel much like smiling on account of the empty spaces where teeth used to be and those sunken cheeks that make you look much older than you are. Plus, your health will be on the decline since you can’t effectively chew all the fiber-rich foods you love. It is a tough spot for sure. But the good news is that our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office has a solution that can quickly restore all that you have lost: a dental implant procedure. Keep reading to hear some of the ...


Take Bad Breath As A Warning Sign [VIDEO]

Bad breath is something that we all have to deal with at some point. Still, it can also be your body’s way of warning you that a bigger problem is emerging. That’s yet another reason why you wouldn’t want to go any longer than six months between your preventive dental checkups. For more information on the possible causes of bad breath, check out the video clip below and then be sure to contact us to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Anderson and experience the award-winning care that got us voted “Top Dentist” in Coastal Virginia Magazine two years in a row by our peers.


Don’t Let A Dental Emergency Ruin Your Summer

Welcome to the blog of J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS. We the one dentist’s office you would want to help you work through your dental emergency in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Here’s the thing: dental emergencies happen when they are least expected. They can be painful and traumatic, but the good news is that dental emergencies are seldom life-threatening. The bad news is that they can be life-altering and not in a good way. If they are not handled quickly and correctly, you could incur permanent dental damage. Fortunately for you, our team is equipped to provide prompt emergency services ...


Our Snap-On Smile Can Save Your Summer Fun!

Hello and welcome to the online home of J. Wesley Anderson, Jr., DDS. We hope that your summer is off to a great start and that you have plenty of reasons to smile. But if your smile leaves much to be desired, we realize that it can be challenging for you to show your face at cookouts, graduations, weddings, and the like. Fortunately, our team can help you get the sort of smile you’d be proud to share with the world. You see, we are the go-to dentist’s office for smile makeovers in Virginia Beach, Virginia. And, today, we’d like to tell you about one of our easy and effective cosmetic ...


3 Important Facts about TMJ

It’s a small hinge that connects the skull and jaw, but it can have huge implications on your oral and overall health. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the focus of many of our dental treatments, particularly orthodontics. The TMJ functions by moving side by side and then back and forth. To put it simply, this joint is the reason we can chew our food and speak. TMJ disorders can wreak havoc on your oral health and cause patients extreme headaches, jaw pains, and facial tension. I’ve seen patients with jaw problems suffer for years before resolving their problems. Some of these ...


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